Troubleshooting Mobile Voice for Cannot send SMS or MMS

  1. iiNet Mobile operates on the Optus network. Visit the Optus coverage website and click the "Outages" tab at the top right of the map to see if there are any outages in your area.
  2. Make sure you are inside the network coverage area.
  3. Certain locations may prevent a mobile signal, such as basements, underground tunnels, or large shopping centres. Attempt to send an SMS/MMS while outside and/or above ground level.
  4. Ensure your mobile handset has power. Depleted batteries may require charging.
  5. Ensure your mobile data is enabled. If mobile data is disabled, it can prevent MMS from sending.
  6. If you suspect your handset is faulty due to age and/or wear and tear, we recommend obtaining another handset for troubleshooting.
  7. If your handset displays an error message like "No Network", "No Service" or "Select Network", follow this guide to manually select your carrier.
  8. Attempt to send an SMS/MMS.
  9. Ensure the MMS file size, particularly video MMS, does not exceed the limit allowed by your network and/or handset.
  10. Check your handset manufacturer's website for support information on how to view and update the MMS network settings. The following settings are required:
    APN: mms
    MMS Proxy:
  11. Attempt to send an MMS.
  12. Check your handset manufacturer's website for support information on how to view and update the SMS network settings. The following setting is required:
    SMSC (Short Message Service Centre) or MCN (Message Centre Number): +61411990001
  13. Attempt to send an SMS.
  14. Call us on 13 22 58 for further assistance.


    Appendix - Sending SMS/MMS to international numbers

    Mobile infrastructure and supported features vary internationally and some do not support SMS/MMS.

    If this is the case and you have a smartphone, you and your recipient may want to try an instant messaging app like Skype, or simply send them an email.

    If you know that the mobile network of international number you’re messaging does support SMS/MMS, then make sure the number is dialled correctly. The country code should replace the first zero in a mobile number. If the first digit of the mobile number is not a zero, then just dial the country code before the entire mobile number.

    Example: Messages sent to a London mobile number 07937 123 123 should be dialled as +447937123123.