Troubleshooting Fetch No Subscription Channels

Please follow the steps below and proceed to next step if the issue persists.


Step 1) Check Network status and internet connection

  • Visit our Network Status page to see if any known issues in your area are affecting your internet connection.
  • Ensure that your internet connection is online. Fetch requires working internet to operate. You should always troubleshoot internet services before Fetch issues.


Step 2) Confirm subscription

  • If you see a "Please subscribe" message when you try to view a premium channel, you or another member of your household may have unsubscribed from the relevant channel pack.
  • You can manage your subscriptions through the set top box menu by selecting Manage > Subscriptions.


Step 3) Check your set top box connection

  • Open the Fetch menu. You should see a "No Internet Connection" message. If you do not see this message but you can't view Fetch premium channels, please call us on 1300 701 006 for assistance.
  • Ensure your Fetch set top box is properly connected to your modem:

    - WiFi: Confirm WiFi password is correct and your modem's WiFi is enabled.
    - Ethernet cable: Confirm cable is plugged in securely and not damaged.
    - Power Line Adapter: Confirm units are plugged directly into an electrical socket instead of a power board or double adapter.
    - Wireless Bridge: Confirm units are paired successfully.
  • Attempt to view a Fetch channel.


Step 4) Restart your set top box and modem

  • Turn off the electrical outlets for both devices and leave them off for at least 60 seconds.
  • Turn both outlets back on and wait for the box and modem lights to settle.
  • Attempt to view a Fetch channel.


    Step 5) Call us on 1300 701 006 for further assistance


    Appendix - Modem compatibility

    Your modem must support IPTV in order for Fetch to work. If you have a third party modem, please visit the manufacturer's website for information about its features.