Security information

From time to time, iiNet may contact you for marketing or servicing reasons. iiNet will never call you and ask for your passcode or password.

As part of our security measures to help keep your data and account information safe, iiNet uses Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) such as one-time passcodes to confirm your proof of identity. It’s best to make sure that your mobile number and other contact information is up to date in Toolbox.

Unless you are communicating with an agent in one of our designated departments, we will only ever contact you via these methods:

  •  We will only call you from selected phone numbers.
  •  SMS from a designated iiNet portal that will appear as iiNet or one of our selected phone numbers.
  •  Email with offers, notifications or your bill from an iiNet email.

If we send you an email, we will never ask you to click on a link to fill out your security information such as your passcode, password, date of birth or your personally identifiable information such as your address or payment details. Be mindful of scammers using clickbait or phishing emails to obtain this information.

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What to do if you receive a suspicious call, text or email that appears to be from iiNet

If you have received a call, text message or an email that claims to be from iiNet but you suspect is not, or the caller is claiming to be from iiNet but is asking you to provide security information or personally identifiable information, please report it to us.

Simply email and include (where applicable):

  • a screenshot of the text message and the sender’s phone number;
  • the phone number that contacted you claiming to be from iiNet and the date and time of the call;
  • a copy (or forward) of the alleged email.


Social Media

You can communicate with iiNet through Social Media channels such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. To ensure you are protecting yourself, please stay vigilant when online and keep these tips in mind:

  • Never provide personal information in a public environment (including any Social Media platforms, or public review forums such as Apple Store, Google Play Store, Product Review or Trust Pilot).
  • iiNet Social Media Teams will respond to customers who make contact with us via our social channels but will never proactively reach out to you. If you are contacted on Social Media by anyone claiming to be iiNet, do not provide any information and contact our official Social Media messaging channels on Facebook or Twitter.
  • Don’t provide any personal information (including your passcode) in a message thread. We will only ever ask for this using our secure verification forms.

If you have suspicions about any communication via Social Media, please report it to us by emailing


Email & SMS

From time to time, you will receive SMS messages and emails from iiNet.

Often these emails or SMS include links to support pages, payment tools or Toolbox.

  • Never open links in an SMS or email that isn’t from an official iiNet number.
  • All links that assist customers in making payments will first require you to log into your official Toolbox account.
  • If you receive an email or SMS with a one-time passcode that you did not request, ensure you do not provide the code to anyone.
  • We will only send a one-time passcode to validate your identity if you are contacting us. iiNet will never contact customers and ask them to verify themselves by providing a one-time passcode.


Phone calls

You may receive a phone call from iiNet, this may be for a promotion or in response to a call back request.

  • iiNet will never call you from a private number.
  • iiNet will never contact you and ask you to provide personal information unless you opt to complete a specific transaction with us that requires us to gather this information.
  • If you receive a call from someone from iiNet and you are suspicious of the legitimacy, end the call and call us back on 13 22 58.


Live chat

While on our website, you may receive a pop up asking you to chat with us. Please be aware that:

  • When chatting, ensure you are using the official iiNet website
  • If you get a pop-up from someone claiming to be iiNet inviting you to chat while you are not on the iiNet website, please close the window and contact us on 13 22 58.

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