Factors affecting Fixed Wireless broadband speed

This article will provide more information about the factors that can affect the speeds and connectivity of our Fixed Wireless broadband services.

Service type Home Wireless Broadband 5G Home Broadband 5G Home Broadband
Plan Liimitless Plus Premium
Maximum off-peak download speed 20Mbps 50Mbps 100Mbps
Maximum off-peak upload speed 2Mbps 20Mbps 20Mbps
Social media, browsing and emails
SD streaming
HD streaming
4K streaming ×
# of simultaneous users/devices (approx.) 1-2 2-5 3-9

Speeds are variable and you may experience slower speeds than the applicable maximum during busy periods and other times.


Factors that may affect your connection speed and connectivity

  • Coverage
    Predicted and actual coverage may vary due to the nature of radio based mobile networks and other factors at any specific location, such as distance from the network base station, building materials, and geographic features (hills, buildings and trees etc.).
  • Quality and capability of hardware
    This can include modems, WiFi routers and Ethernet or phone cables.
  • Location of your modem
    These tips will help you choose a good spot for your modem:
    - A clear, elevated space near a window is ideal.
    - Avoid direct sunlight as this can cause your modem to overheat.
    - Placing the modem on the floor or in a cupboard may cause a weak signal.
    - You don’t have to use the same spot as your old modem for NBN or other broadband services.
    - You can try different spots if your first spot isn’t giving you a strong signal.
  • WiFi signal interference
    Learn how to improve your home or office’s WiFi signal.
  • Number of connected devices
    When too many devices share the same bandwidth (e.g. many users streaming HD content simultaneously) data flow may become limited and result in slower speeds across each user or device.
  • Network Congestion
    Speeds may slow when the network is experiencing periods of high usage that cause congestion. During periods of network congestion, we may de-prioritise your Fixed Wireless speeds. This could mean that during periods of congestion some data traffic will receive less priority over other traffic on the network, and you may experience slower Fixed Wireless speeds as a result.
  • Which content is being accessed
    There may be insufficient server capacity or other issues affecting a specific website or online game.


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