iiNet Modem WiFi Channel Settings

If you have a third party modem, please consult your modem's user manual or check the manufacturer's website for support information.  

What to expect during a technician visit

Additional protocols during the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic The health and safety of our customers, staff and wholesale partners is a priority. Appointment Booking When booking your appointment, you will be asked whether you or anyone…

Connect to WiFi on Android OS

The appearance of Android OS varies depending on the software version. If these instructions don't work for you, please check your handset manufacturer's website for support information.  

Connect to WiFi on iPhone and iPad

These instructions will work for Apple iOS 6 and later. Screenshots have been taken using iOS 7.  

Connect to WiFi on Mac OS

In the upper right-hand corner of your screen, click the Wi-Fi icon and select Turn Wi-Fi On. 

Connect to WiFi on Windows 7

On your desktop, click the Network icon in bottom right-hand corner of your screen.

How to check for NBN Network Outages

iiNet relies on NBN Co’s infrastructure to deliver our NBN™ services. On occasion, this infrastructure may be affected by unplanned outages or maintenance which can subsequently affect the NBN™ service we deliver to you. Before contacting…

Troubleshooting iiNet Cable for No Connection

Please follow the steps below and proceed to next step if the issue persists.   Step 1) Check Network Status Visit our Network Status page to see if any known issues in your area are affecting your connection.  

Resetting TCP/IP to Default

This article will show you how to reset your computer’s Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) settings to default. This can solve some browsing issues, particularly if your default gateway address is shown as beginning with “169.254”. Select one of…