Transfer ownership of your iiNet account

To transfer ownership of your account into someone else’s name, please call us on 13 22 58.

Once you agree to the terms and conditions of the transfer, we’ll place a temporary authorisation on the account and the new owner will have 30 days to complete the transfer. If the new owner is with you when you call, you can put them on the phone to complete the transfer.

The new owner will need to provide at least two forms of accepted identification, and their bank account or credit/debit card details. If the new owner already has an existing iiNet account, they’ll need to provide their account number. If the new owner isn’t with iiNet, they’ll need to pass our credit check.

To transfer a number into a company name, the new owner must be an authorised signatory for the company, and they will need to provide the ABN/ACN and their drivers licence number.


Invoices when changing account ownership

Our billing system cannot split charges between previous and current account holders. As soon as the new account holder is added to the account, they are responsible for paying the full amount of all subsequent invoices and charges for the account, including charges dated from before the date they took ownership.

Both parties are responsible for settling any amounts they owe each other amongst themselves. iiNet will not mediate in any way; we will only issue the invoice for all charges due to the new account holder.

The potential new account holder will be informed of this risk by our customer service rep while processing the change of ownership. If either party doesn't feel comfortable, the change of ownership will not proceed. You can instead close your account and the other party may apply for a new account of their own.

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