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If you've never logged into Toolbox before, please see An Introduction to Toolbox

For more information, see the instructions below.


  1. Log in to Toolbox and select About Me.
  2. The current contact details will be shown. Select Edit contact information
    Toolbox update contact details 1
  3. Edit your Address, Phone, or Email as desired and click Update contact information to finish.

    Note: You will not be able to save your changes if the mandatory Phone number field is blank. You may enter a mobile or VoIP number for this; it doesn't need to be a landline phone number. 
    Toolbox update contact details 2
  4. IMPORTANT: If you're updating your contact address because you're moving home, please call us at your earliest opportunity as we'll need to arrange a relocation of your iiNet services.

If you need help, please contact our Billing Team via LiveChat.


  1. Log in to Toolbox and select About Me, then select the ADDITIONAL CONTACTS tab.
  2. To add a contact, select Add Contact
    Toolbox edit contact details 1
  3. Fill out all the fields, including Contact Type, Date of Birth, First name, Last name, Address, Phone and Email, then select Add additional contact.

    Note: You will not be able to proceed without a valid Address for a contact. 
    Toolbox edit contact details 2
  4. Once additional contacts have been created, they will be listed on the ADDITIONAL CONTACTS page. To edit an additional contact, select Edit
    Toolbox edit contact details 3
  5. Adjust the Contact Type, Address, Phone or Email fields fields as desired, then select Update additional contact.

    Note: It is not possible to edit the name or birthdate of a contact. if these details were entered incorrectly, please delete the contact and add it again. 
    Toolbox edit contact details 4
  6. To delete an additional contact, simply select Remove, then Delete Contact to confirm your decision. Alternatively, a Delete Contact option is also available on the Edit page. 
    Toolbox edit contact details 5

Changing contact preferences

  1. Log in to Toolbox and select About Me, then select the CONTACT PREFERENCES tab.
  2. You’ll see a list of the different types of material you may be contacted with, such as feedback surveys or the monthly newsletter. Click the + (plus) icon to expand a section. 
    Toolbox contact preferences 1
    Note: Once a section is expanded, the + (plus) icon will change to a - (minus) icon, which you can use to minimise the section again.
  3. Each section will list available contact methods for that material, e.g. email, SMS, mail or phone. Simply check or uncheck the boxes to adjust your preferences, and click Save preferences to finish. 
    Toolbox contact preferences 2