Home Wireless Broadband

Factors affecting Fixed Wireless broadband speed

This article will provide more information about the factors that can affect the speeds and connectivity of our Fixed Wireless broadband services.

Troubleshooting Home Wireless Broadband Speed Issues

Turn off your modem and leave it off for at least 10 seconds. Turn your modem back on and wait approximately 3 minutes for the modem lights to settle.

Home Wireless Broadband FAQ

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Troubleshooting Home Wireless Broadband for No Connection

Please note: Your Home Wireless Broadband service is only for use at the address nominated on your application. If you've moved home, please see Moving Home and contact us to make arrangements.  

Set up Home Wireless Broadband

Follow the instructions below to set up your Smart Modem Gateway (VX420-G2H) for Home Wireless Broadband. First, ensure you have: