nbn Fibre Phone Setup

This product was only available to select nbn FTTP customers as of 23 August 2017. It is no longer sold as of 15 May 2024.


Before you get started

Make sure you have the following:

  • An active nbn FTTP service
  • An active nbn Fibre Phone service
  • A phone handset with a standard RJ11 phone cable
  • If your home has smart wiring for phone cables, you’ll need an additional RJ11 phone cable if you’re not plugging your handset directly into the nbn Connection Box.


Plugging into nbn Connection Box

Once your nbn Fibre Phone service is active, all you’ll need to do is plug your handset into the UNI-V 1 port on the nbn Connection Box using an RJ11 phone cable. You may need to lift the cover to do this.

NBN Connection Box UNI-V1 port

Plugging in via smart wiring

Smart wiring is specially installed by an ACMA-approved electrician and must include phone cable wiring in order to work with Fibre Phone. Sockets previously used for landline phones and ADSL broadband will not work unless an electrician re-wired them for smart wiring.

  1. Plug one end of your RJ11 phone cable into the UNI-V 1 port on your nbn Connection Box, and then plug the other end into an available phone port on the nearby patch panel.
  2. Use another RJ11 phone cable to plug your phone into the corresponding phone port on another patch panel in your home. Please note that the phone cables should never be connected to a switch or router. 
    Fibre phone smart wiring diagram


Appendix - What is smart wiring?

Smart wiring, which may also be referred to as Hub wiring, is internal network wiring (e.g. Ethernet and/or phone wiring) that's installed by an ACMA-approved electrician. Internal wiring links patch panels in different rooms of the house, including one patch panel near the location of your nbn Connection Box.

This means that equipment such as WiFi routers and Fibre Phone handsets can be plugged into a patch panel in a different room yet still be connected to the nbn Connection Box.

Smart wiring diagram

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