Troubleshooting Mobile Voice for No coverage

  1. iiNet Mobile operates on the Optus network. Visit the Optus coverage website and click the "Outages" tab at the top right of the map to see if there are any outages in your area.
  2. Make sure you are inside the network coverage area.
  3. Certain locations may prevent a mobile signal, such as basements, underground tunnels, or large shopping centres. Attempt to make a call while outside and/or above ground level.
  4. Ensure your mobile handset has power. Depleted batteries may require charging.
  5. If you suspect your handset is faulty due to age and/or wear and tear, we recommend obtaining another handset for troubleshooting.
  6. If your handset displays an error message like "No Network", "No Service" or "Select Network", follow this guide to manually select your carrier.
  7. Attempt to make a call.
  8. Power cycle your mobile handset by turning it off for two minutes and then turning it on again.
  9. Wait for the handset to reboot, and then check your signal strength.
  10. Attempt to make a call.
  11. Call us on 13 22 58 for further assistance.

*If you have no access to a working phone service, please email


Appendix - "Line 2" Error message

This is a feature similar to call waiting that is used by some international networks, but does not function in Australia and will prevent outbound calls.

To disable Line 2, hold down the hash/pound key (#) on your handset until a message like “Change Phone Line” comes up on the screen, and then select OK. If this doesn’t work, you may need to check your handset’s user manual for alternate instructions.