Cannot send email

  1. If the email failing to send has a large file attachment, try sending a test email with no attachments. Generally, a file attachment should not exceed 20MB in size.
    Note: If you need to send larger files over the internet, consider a file sharing service such as Hightail.
  2. Log in to iiNet Webmail. If you’re unable to log in due to a forgotten password, attempt to recover your password.
  3. Send yourself a test email and wait a few minutes to see if it arrives in your Webmail inbox.
  4. If you can't log in to Webmail or you didn't receive your test email, please call us on 13 22 58 for further assistance.
  5. If you successfully sent an email in Webmail, the issue is most likely with the settings in any third-party email software you're using (e.g. Outlook, Thunderbird, Mac Mail).
  6. Use the relevant setup instructions to edit the settings for your existing email account, particularly:

    Port & security type: 587 & SSL (for Apple devices) or STARTTLS/TLS (for all other devices)
    Authentication/password: Yes - use your email address as the username, and your email password

  7. If you decide to recreate your email account or “start from scratch”, you should not delete your original account setup unless you have already saved all important emails to your computer’s Desktop or hard drive.
  8. Run an Antivirus or malware scan using your Antivirus software. Please contact your Antivirus software’s Customer Support if you're not sure how to do this.
  9. Temporarily disable any firewall, antivirus or anti-malware software and attempt to browse again. Please contact your security software’s Customer Support if you're not sure how to do this, or you need help changing the software settings to allow emails.
  10. Call us on 13 22 58 for further assistance.

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