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BizPhone voice mail passcode

If you've never used BizPhone voice mail before, please refer to BizPhone voice mail setup. The voice mail passcodes for each of your BizPhone users (handsets) can be found in the Service Completion Advice email sent shortly after your…

BizPhone Frontier Portal Introduction

You can log in to Frontier Portal at If you have never logged in before, please watch this video. Jump to a section:

BizPhone Hunt Group Call Routing

Call routing controls how incoming calls are distributed amongst assigned handsets. See BizPhone Hunt Group Introduction for more information on assigning handsets. Jump to a section:

BizPhone Hunt Group Call Forwarding

Note: Call Forwarding Always/Busy and Selective features are only available for Premium Hunt Groups. To add a Premium Hunt Group to your BizPhone system, please contact Calls forwarded from a BizPhone Hunt Group…

BizPhone Hunt Group

Please select a topic to view the Hunt Group guide: Introduction Call Routing Call Forwarding Voice Mail

BizPhone Hunt Group Introduction

A Hunt Group allows to a single incoming call to be filtered to several BizPhone handsets according to the Group Policy (i.e. rules) you set up. After familiarising yourself with the basics here, see BizPhone Hunt Group Routing for more…

BizPhone Hunt Group Voice Mail

To direct calls to your BizPhone Hunt Group's voice mail, see the advice in BizPhone Hunt Group Introduction. Jump to a section:

BizPhone Schedules and Events setup

Schedules and Events allows you to configure the following schedules for your BizPhone service:

BizPhone ATA inbound and outbound call issues

Ensure that your internet connection is online. Select your broadband service from the iiHelp menu to get troubleshooting guides for iiNet broadband connections. DND (Do Not Disturb) mode may be enabled on your ATA.

BizPhone Auto Attendant Guide

Auto Attendant is a voice menu system that plays a recorded greeting to incoming callers and allows them to choose to be directed to an internal extension. For example, callers could dial 1 to speak with Sales, or 2 to speak with the Help…