Phone & Mobile

Mobile billing and payment methods

What are the available payment methods? For your convenience, iiNet debits payments automatically from your nominated bank account or credit card. You can update your payment details at any time in Toolbox. Is iiNet Mobile a prepaid…

Checking your mobile usage in Toolbox

Log in to Toolbox. Select Mobile Usage.

SIM errors and finding your PUK code

SIM errors Insert SIM or SIM error An ‘Insert SIM’ or ‘SIM error’ message may indicate that your SIM: Has not been inserted correctly. Is damaged and cannot be read. Is the incorrect SIM size for your device. Different devices use…

Mobile Voice Quick Codes

All you need to do is dial the codes on your mobile handset (as if you were making a call) and then press the “OK”, “Send” or “Yes” key. Most codes will trigger a confirmation message once accepted. Select one of the links below to jump…

Mobile Voice Features

Please note that Premium SMS/MMS services are not available on iiNet Mobile Voice services on the Vodafone network. International Roaming is not yet available for these services. Select one of the links below to jump to a query:

Activate your Mobile SIM

Which type of SIM are you activating?

Factory reset BizPhone handset

Please note: If you have customised your BizPhone handset in any way, such as adding contacts to the directory or changing ringtone settings, these will be removed after a factory reset. However, the Global Address Book will not be…

BizPhone Music on Hold setup

You can upload your own custom audio to replace the default piano music which is played when you place a call on hold. Audio you upload in this section can also be accessed and used for other BizPhone features.  

Add audio to a BizPhone Queue

For more information about setting up your BizPhone Queue, see our video tutorials. If you have requested a Queue to be added to your BizPhone service, you are able to set up two different audio types:

Faulty & Damaged BizPhone ATA

When the same issue is affecting multiple handsets, it is unlikely that a single device is faulty. Please see our BizPhone troubleshooting guides on iiHelp for more information.