BizPhone Speed Dial 8 setup

Once Speed Dial 8 has been configured, BizPhone customers can pick up their phone and press a single number of the speed dial (2-9) and then press “Send” to connect a call.

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Configure Speed Dial 8 in Frontier Portal

  1. Log in to Frontier Portal. If you have never logged in before, please watch this video.
  2. Select the desired BizPhone user to edit.
    Note: Speed Dial 8 must be set up individually for each BizPhone user.
    BizPhone Frontier Portal - Speed Dial 8
  3. Select Speed Dial 8.
    BizPhone Frontier Portal - Speed Dial 8
  4. Each available entry corresponds to the speed dial keys (2-9). Enter the desired phone number in the Phone Number field, and a relevant Description.
    BizPhone Frontier Portal - Speed Dial 8
  5. Select Update to save your changes.
    BizPhone Frontier Portal - Speed Dial 8


Configure Speed Dial 8 on your BizPhone handset

  1. Lift your BizPhone handset and dial *74.
  2. When you hear the dial tone, enter the one-digit code (2-9) that you want to represent the number you want to program, followed by the complete phone number and press the “#” key.

    For example, to configure speed dial 3 to dial 13 86 89, dial: *74, 3, 138689
  3. Hang up to finish.

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