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Supporting customers with accessibility needs

At iiNet, we’re committed to providing accessibility for all our customers whether that be the way you contact us or the products we develop.

iiNet phone numbers

This article lists the phone numbers that iiNet gives to customers so they can call us. Using the Find tool in your web browser can help you find a specific phone number on this page:

Emergency Calls

Emergency calls should be used to request help from an emergency service organisation in a life threatening and/or time critical event. If you’re considering making an emergency call, stay focused, stay relevant and pose these questions…

Remote ID Validation Tool

iiNet's Remote ID Validation Tool helps to protect you from a transaction being made using your identity without your permission. How does it work? We will SMS you a link to the iiNet Remote ID Validation Tool. From there, you will be…

Protecting Your Personal Information

At iiNet, we're continuing to make significant investments to protect our customers and their personal information. The challenging reality is that all Australian companies face cyberthreats on a daily basis. iiNet takes cybersecurity and…

Security information

From time to time, iiNet may contact you for marketing or servicing reasons. iiNet will never call you and ask for your passcode or password.

Multi-Factor Authentication at iiNet

When you contact us or log in to Toolbox, you may be prompted to provide a One-Time Passcode in addition to the usual ID check or login details. This is part of a security process called Multi-Factor Authentication and has been…

Parental safety advice

This article will provide advice and resources for parents who wish to restrict the content accessed by children online. As the digital world continues to evolve, the challenges for parents evolve with it. To help keep your children safe,…

Understanding your invoice

You can download your invoices from Toolbox. If you've never logged in to Toolbox before, please see An Introduction to Toolbox.

Transfer ownership of your iiNet account

To transfer ownership of your account into someone else’s name, please call us on 13 22 58. Once you agree to the terms and conditions of the transfer, we’ll place a temporary authorisation on the account and the new owner will have 30…