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  1. Your Invoice Number and Customer Number are displayed here. You can use these as a reference if you need to contact us.
    Your invoice explained 1
  2. Your Opening Balance, This Bill Amount and total Amount Due give a top line view of charges incurred and owing.
    Your invoice explained 2
  3. Your Payment Due Date is the date on which payment must be made.
    Note: Direct debit payments are taken on this date but may take up to 3 working days after to clear.
    Your invoice explained 3
  4. Your Account Summary displays a summary of the charges for each type of service you have.
    Your invoice explained 4
  5. You can see your Previous Bill amounts here for comparison.
    Your invoice explained 5
  6. You'll find How to pay information here.
    Your invoice explained 6
  7. There are handy tool tips on page 2.
    Your invoice explained 7
  8. Service Details shows a detailed breakdown of your services and charges.
    Your invoice explained 8
  9. This includes the period any charges cover. iiNet services are billed monthly in advance - so an April invoice will include charges for May.
    Your invoice explained 9
  10. Any pro-rated charges are for part of the month only. For example, this can happen if you change plans partway through the month.
  11. Zero cost services like included VoIP appear with no charges.
    Your invoice explained 10
  12. Excess usage charges such as PAYG calls appear here.
    Your invoice explained 11


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