Accounts & Billing

Understanding Charges & Payment Dates

Why was my payment taken before the due date? Direct debit payments are taken up to 3 working days before the due date to allow time for the payment to clear. For same-day invoice payments, please switch your payment method to a credit…

Introduction to Toolbox

This article will explain the following basics for Toolbox, our online account management tool: Logging in to Toolbox How to navigate the Toolbox layout Simply follow the steps below, or watch the video:

How to reset a forgotten password

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Financial Hardship Policy

This document will explain the options available to “consumer” customers within the iiNet Group (including iiNet, TransACT, and Adam Internet) who are experiencing genuine Financial Hardship. If you have been affected by a Natural…

Update payment details in Toolbox

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Make a one-off payment in Toolbox

Customers with a failed direct debit please note that payment will be automatically re-attempted once. It may take up to 3 business days for this payment to clear. If you've never logged into Toolbox before, please see An Introduction to…

All about usernames

A username is the label used to identify your account and/or services with iiNet. Each service that we sell has its own username – this is typically chosen when you sign up for that service. All internet service usernames are also…

How to forward an email as an attachment

This article will show you how to forward an email as an attachment, which is required when reporting scam, hoax or phishing emails to See our Scams and Hoaxes article for more information. Note: If your email…