How to set up TP-Link Deco for nbn FTTP or Wireless

Please follow the steps below to set up your TP-Link Deco.

Please note: Most TP-Link Deco modems have at least 2 Ethernet ports that can be used for setup purposes.

  1. Ensure your nbn Connection Box is turned on.
  2. Turn on the TP-Link Deco by plugging in the provided power supply into the power port.
    Deco Power Port
  3. Plug an Ethernet cable from the UNI-D1 port on your nbn Connection Box into one of the Ethernet ports on your TP-Link Deco.
    Note: If UNI-D1 doesn’t work, try each UNI-D port.
    Deco LAN-WAN
  4. Scan the QR code below or go to Google Play or the Apple App Store to download the Deco app.
    Deco QR Code
  5. Install the app on your Android or iOS smartphone or tablet.
  6. Turn on Bluetooth on your smartphone or tablet.
  7. Open the app. Use your TP-Link ID to log in. If you don’t have a TP-Link ID, select Sign Up.
    Deco App Login Screen
  8. Your smartphone will attempt to find and link to TP Link Deco. Once linked you can assign your TP-Link Deco to a room.
    Deco App Location
  9. Your TP-Link Deco should detect PPPoE automatically. Manually set to PPPoE if not.
    Deco App Connection Type
  10. Set a Network name and a Password.
    Note: These will be the name and password you use to connect your devices to WiFi.
    Deco App Wifi Name+Password
  11. Once connected to your Deco's WiFi network, log back into the TP-Link Deco App. Tap on the More icon and go to Advanced.
    Deco App Advanced Settings
  12. Under advanced tap on IPv4. It should say PPPoE underneath.
  13. Disable “Ignore Ping from WAN" and tap on back arrow.

Your TP-Link Deco should now be online. If you're still having issues, please see Improving WiFi Signal or call us on 13 22 58 for further assistance.

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