Manage my account

Managing an account following a bereavement

We’re sorry for your loss and we would like to make managing their account with us as simple as possible. How to close an account and/or transfer ownership of services If the account holder has passed away, please call us on 13 22 58 and…

Using a Power of Attorney to act on behalf of an account holder

You can make enquiries and changes on behalf of the account holder if you have been granted Power of Attorney to act for the account holder. For us to grant you access to the account as an authorised third party, you’ll need to provide the…

How to link your accounts

If you have multiple accounts with iiNet, you can link your accounts together and manage them using a single login. Note: When you order more iiNet services using your existing iiNet username, the account for your new services will be…

Transfer ownership of your iiNet account

To transfer ownership of your account into someone else’s name, please call us on 13 22 58. Once you agree to the terms and conditions of the transfer, we’ll place a temporary authorisation on the account and the new owner will have 30…

How to check your modem delivery status

Once your hardware has been dispatched, you’ll receive an email and/or SMS with a tracking number. Visit the StarTrack website. Enter your tracking number and click Track.

Viewing your Invoices in Toolbox

If you've never logged into Toolbox before, please see An Introduction to Toolbox.  

All About Data Packs

This information is not relevant to Liimitless data plans. If you use up all your data, purchasing a Data Pack will remove speed shaping until that additional data has also been used up, or the next billing period begins. Data Packs do…

Update your contact details in Toolbox

If you've never logged into Toolbox before, please see An Introduction to Toolbox.  

Connect Outstanding Requirements

If there is already an active phone and/or internet service at your property address, then to get the line transferred from the previous owner, we will need you to send us an email with: