Connect Outstanding Requirements

If there is already an active phone and/or internet service at your property address, then to get the line transferred from the previous owner, we will need you to send us an email with:

  1. Your application number (this can be found in emails regarding your order); and
  2. One Proof of Occupancy Document that meets the following criteria:

    - The document must include your name or the name of a contact on your account;

    - The document must include the same address as your internet order;

    - The document may be:

    • A fixed utility bill (e.g. water, electricity, gas);
    • An insurance document (e.g. Business or Home & Contents);
    • A Certificate of Title of the land;
    • A Council Rates notice; or
    • A signed lease/rental agreement (this must include the lease start date).

Please email us at:

Once the Proof of Occupancy documents are accepted, your order will be lodged within 2 working days. We'll notify you when we have an update on your connection date.

Note: These documents are required to verify your entitlement to occupy the property. Without the requested documentation, we may be unable to connect your service or connection could be delayed.

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