Viewing connection history in Toolbox

If you've never logged into Toolbox before, please see An Introduction to Toolbox.


  1. Log in to Toolbox and select My Products from the navigation bar. If you're on a mobile device and you don't see this option, click the grey square with three lines to show the navigation menu.
  2. Select Broadband. If you have more than one broadband service, you may need to select the right username from the Product drop-down menu.
  3. Select View connection history from the Actions menu. If you're on a mobile device and you don't see the Actions menu, click the grey bar labelled Broadband actions to show it.
  4. You’ll see your connection history for the current billing period. To view connection history for previous months, select the date from the See history for... drop-down menu. 
    Connection History 1
  5. If your connection is currently online, you’ll see a summary at the top of the page. You can click Remote disconnect to disconnect your internet connection through Toolbox (requires your broadband password). 
    Connection History 2

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