TG-789 Broadband Gateway modem status lights

The article will explain the status lights found on the TG-789 Broadband Gateway modem, which may be useful during setup and troubleshooting.

TG-789 modem status lights
Light State Meaning
Status Off Modem has no power.
Red Modem is offline.
Green Modem is online.
Orange Modem is rebooting or powering up. Flashes during firmware upgrade.
Note: this light may briefly shine white/blue when the power button is pressed but this does not indicate anything in particular.
WAN Off No Sync or modem has no power.
Green Modem has Sync. Flashes during initial connection activity.
Internet Off Modem has no power.
Red Modem has no authentication.
Green Modem has authentication. Flashes during connection activity.
Wireless 2.4/5 Off WiFi off/disabled or modem has no power.
Green WiFi enabled. Flashes during WiFi network activity or when WiFi network is booting up.
WPS Off WPS not in use or modem has no power.
Flashing orange WPS search mode on or WPS connection in progress.
Green WPS connection successful.
Red WPS connection failed - try again.
Ethernet Off Nothing connected to LAN ports or modem has no power.
Green Ethernet connection to any LAN port. Flashes during Ethernet connection activity.
USB Off No USB device detected.
Green USB device detected. Flashes during connection activity.
Phone Off VoIP disabled or modem has no power.
Green VoIP enabled. Flashes during calls.
Wireless on/off button N/A Press this button to turn WiFi ability on/off.

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