How to reset your web browser

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Reset Microsoft Edge

  1. Open Edge and click the three dots icon in the top right-hand corner. Select Settings from the list. 
    Edge - Settings
  2. On the left side of the window, click on Reset Settings.
    Edge - Reset Settings
  3. In the main window, click on Restore settings to their default values.
    Edge - Restore settings to default
  4. A confirmation box, detailing the components that will be restored to their default will appear. Click on the Reset button to complete.
    Edge - Reset


Reset Mozilla Firefox

  1. Open Firefox and click the Menu button (three horizontal lines) in the top left-hand corner.
  2. Click Help at the bottom of the drop-down menu and then select More troubleshooting Information
    Firefox - Troubleshoot
  3. Firefox’s Troubleshooting Information page will load in your browser. Click the Refresh Firefox button in the upper right-hand corner. 
    Firefox - Refresh
  4. Click the Refresh Firefox button in the pop-up window to finish. 
    Firefox - Confirm Refresh


Reset Google Chrome

  1. Open Google Chrome. Type chrome://settings in the address bar and then hit the Enter key on your keyboard. Alternatively, click the Menu button (three horizontal lines) in the top right-hand corner and select Settings from the drop-down menu. 
    Chrome - Settings
  2. In the left pane of the Settings page, click Reset settings
    Chrome - Reset settings
  3. Under "Reset settings", click Restore settings to their original defaults
    Chrome - Restore settings to default
  4. Click Reset settings to finish. 
    Chrome - Reset


Reset Safari

  1. Open Safari and click the Safari tab in the top menu bar, and then select Preferences from the drop-down menu. 
    Safari - Preferences
  2. Select the Privacy tab and click to Manage Website Data.... 
    Safari - Manage Website Data
  3. Click Remove All.
    Safari - Remove All Data
  4. Click Remove Now to finish.
    Safari - Remove Now

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