Mobile billing and payment methods

What are the available payment methods?

For your convenience, iiNet debits payments automatically from your nominated bank account or credit card. You can update your payment details at any time in Toolbox.

Is iiNet Mobile a prepaid service or a post-paid service?

iiNet Mobile is a prepaid service. Your monthly mobile plan fee is renewed automatically using your nominated payment details.

Excess charges are taken out of your optional prepaid balance, which you can top up at any time in Toolbox. If insufficient funds are in your prepaid balance, excess usage will be unavailable.

What are the initial charges when I sign up with iiNet Mobile?

Your initial charge will be automatically debited using your nominated payment details. This initial charge includes your first monthly plan fee and any prepaid balance you chose to add during signup.

When do I get charged for my monthly mobile plan fee?

iiNet operates on a monthly billing cycle, billed in advance. Your billing cycle will begin when you activate your iiNet SIM, and you will be charged for your next billing cycle 7 days before it begins. For example:

  • 7 January - Mobile plan ordered and first payment made.
  • 9 January - Mobile SIM arrives and is activated. The billing cycle begins.
  • 2 February - Payment for the next billing cycle is taken.
  • 9 February - Next billing cycle begins.


What happens if payments fail?

We will contact you if there is any issue with your payment (e.g. insufficient funds, payment details have changed).

If payment is still not resolved when your next billing cycle commences, we will be forced to suspend your mobile service (you will only be able to receive calls). Once your payment has cleared, your mobile service will resume as normal. We recommend credit card payment for the fastest resolution as Direct Debit payments can take up to 3 business days to clear.

Please note: If your service remains unpaid for 30 days, your service will stop working and you will not be able to receive calls.

Payment clear timeframe example

Can you suspend my mobile service while I'm on holiday?

No, we cannot suspend your service if you are going away. Charges for your mobile plan will continue as normal.

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