Sagemcom 5866 modem status lights

This article will explain the status lights found on the 5G Modem (Sagemcom 5866), which may be useful during setup and troubleshooting.

Sagemcom 5G modem LED
Light State Meaning

Off Modem is turned off or not connected to the internet.
Green Modem is connected to 5G network. 4 bars = Strong signal. 2-3 bars = Average signal. 1 bar = Poor signal. Reposition modem if signal is poor.
Yellow Modem is connected to 4G network.

Off Modem is turned off.
Green WiFi is turned on.
Orange WiFi is turned off.
Flashing orange WPS search mode is enabled via modem settings or by pressing the WPS button.
Red Modem is experiencing a software issue or is overheating. Ensure modem is placed away from direct sunlight and/or heat sources and contact us if the issue persists.
Off Modem is turned off.
Green Modem is turned on. Flashes during a firmware upgrade.
 Red Modem bootup has failed. Restart the modem and contact us if the issue persists.

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