Nokia FastMile 3.2 5G Modem status lights

This article will explain the status lights found on the Nokia FastMile 3.2 5G Modem, which may be useful during setup and troubleshooting.

This modem was supplied from March 2023 onwards.

Nokia Fastmile LED

The circular LED panel is located on the top of the modem.

Light State Meaning
Centre Off Modem is turned off.
Green 4G/LTE signal found.
Flashing yellow Searching for network.
Red No 4G/LTE signal. Reposition the modem (see ideal location).
Flashing red (slow) SIM not detected or possible SIM error. Check the SIM is present in the SIM slot. Please call us on 13 22 58 if the SIM is missing or the issue persists.
Flashing red (fast) Factory reset in progress.
Flashing white WPS connection to WiFi is in progress. If the WPS connection is successfully, the LED will quickly flash 3 times. If the WPS connection fails, the LED will flash slowly for 1-2 minutes then return to a state that indicates 4G/LTE signal.
5G Off No 5G signal or no active 5G traffic*.
Try browsing to a website and if the light remains off, reposition the modem (see ideal location). Please call us on 13 22 58 if the issue persists.
White 5G signal found.
3 LEDs above the 5G LED
Off Modem is turned off or 5G signal not detected. Reposition the modem (see ideal location).
White All 3 LEDs will illuminate when there is a very good signal, 2 LEDs means there's a good signal & 1 LED means the signal is weak.

*The 5G LED may turn off when there’s no active flow of data on the network.

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