Manually Setting DNS Server

In most cases, your computer will obtain DNS settings automatically and you won't need to set it manually. Sometimes DNS may need to be set manually if you're experiencing browsing issues.

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Set DNS server in Windows

  1. Log in to Windows with an Administrator account. If your account doesn’t have Administrator privileges, you may not be able to adjust your DNS server settings.
  2. Open the Start menu and select Control Panel.

    Note for Windows 10: Simply click the Search icon (magnifying glass) in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen and search for "Control Panel". It will appear at the top of the search results as the best match.

  3. In the Control Panel, select Network and Internet, and then Network and Sharing Centre.
    Windows manual DNS 1
  4. Select Change adapter settings in the left-hand column. 
    Windows manual DNS 2
  5. Right-click on your active internet connection (this may be "Ethernet", "Wireless Network Connection" or "Local Area Connection" depending on how your computer is set up) and select Properties
    Windows manual DNS 3
  6. In the Networking tab, click once on Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) to highlight it, and then click Properties
    Windows manual DNS 4
  7. Select Use the following DNS server addresses and then enter the following:

    Preferred DNS server:
    Alternate DNS server:

    Windows manual DNS 5
  8. Click OK to finish.


Set DNS server in Mac OSX and macOS

  1. On the desktop, click the Apple icon in the top right-hand corner and select System Preferences from the drop-down menu.
  2. Select Network.
  3. Select your Connected (Ethernet or Wi-Fi) connection from the left-hand column and then click Advanced
    Mac manual DNS 1
  4. Select the DNS tab and then click the plus (+) button in the lower left-hand corner of the window. 
    Mac manual DNS 1
  5. Type the following and then click OK to finish:

    DNS server:

    Mac manual DNS 1

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