Dual Account Customer FAQ

This article will help iiNet customers who have services across two billing systems understand the differences between their two iiNet accounts and how they can manage their services. We call these customers "dual account" customers.


iiNet is currently in the process of implementing a new billing system behind the scenes. It's a gradual process to release our existing broadband products on this billing system. Currently, our new billing system is used for:

  • Mobile SIM plans
  • NBN services
  • Home Wireless Broadband services
  • ULTRA Broadband services

In some cases, existing customers may also have iiNet services which aren't yet available in the new billing system. That means that they'll have two accounts which need to continue indefinitely until we're able to get all of their services in the new billing system. We call this situation a "dual account".


Nope. Simply use the standard contact information available on our Contact Us page and follow the prompts to get through to the department you need.


Yes. Each billing system will issue its own invoice for the services on each account. Don't worry, though - you won't be billed twice for the same service as one service can only exist in one billing system. You'll receive your invoices via email as usual and payment will be automatically debited from your nominated bank account or credit card in time for the due date.

These invoices look different. At a glance, you can see that it's pretty easy to tell which is which. You can also take a look at the services which are listed on your invoice to confirm which is which.

Invoice from existing billing system
Invoice from new billing system
Old invoice example
New invoice example
Learn more about billing periods for this invoice
Learn more about billing periods for this invoice

How do I manage my services online in Toolbox?

Just like dual account customers have two different invoices, there are two different versions of Toolbox to use to manage your account online; one for your services in our existing billing system, and one for your services in our new billing system.

You can log into either Toolbox from the same place, our main login page at https://toolbox3.iinet.net.au/. The trick to getting one Toolbox or the other is the credentials you use to log in.

Toolbox for existing billing system Toolbox for new billing system
Log in at https://toolbox3.iinet.net.au/ with the username and password for the iiNet mailbox associated with your iiNet Mobile service (this may be your username with "_mobile" at the end), or old iiNet broadband service.
Log in at https://toolbox3.iinet.net.au/ with the username and password associated with your new iiNet service.
Old Toolbox example
New Toolbox example
Learn more about what you can do in this Toolbox
Learn more about what you can do in this Toolbox

if you've forgotten your password for either Toolbox, please use our password recovery tool.


From time to time, you may need to check out a guide on iiHelp to read up on how to do something related to your iiNet account or services. The majority of articles, such as those for troubleshooting services, can be used by any iiNet customer, regardless of which billing system their services are in. However, some articles, particularly those about billing and Toolbox, have different information that's relevant to either our existing billing system, or our new billing system.

So, how do you get the information you're looking for? It's pretty simple. Whenever an iiHelp article has equivalent articles for each billing system, you'll see a banner like the example below. You can use this banner to make a selection so you'll be shown the right stuff.

Equivalency banner example

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