Legacy iiNet Modem Resources

If your modem was purchased elsewhere, please use Google search results or visit the manufacturer's website for support information. You'll need the iiNet Broadband Settings.  

Cable Gateway Pro Status Lights

This article will explain the status lights found on the Cable Gateway Pro (EPC3940L) supplied for iiNet Cable services, which may be useful when troubleshooting.

Changing the modem login password on iiNet modems

If your modem was purchased elsewhere, please consult your modem's user manual for instructions on how to do this. Your modem login password is used to log in to the modem's default gateway where you can change your modem settings. If…

iiNet Broadband Settings List

Setup guides for iiNet modems are available here. You can check which type of broadband you have by checking your address on our website. If you encounter a setting that isn't listed here (e.g. MTU) in your modem's Setup Wizard/Quick…

Putting iiNet Modems into Safe Mode

G.DMT ("safe mode") applies to ADSL2+ or Naked DSL services only. Alternatively, on-net customers may toggle their Connection Profile to Safe Mode in Toolbox. G.DMT mode has a maximum speed limit of 8Mbps but it also provides the most…

How to Factory Reset iiNet Modems

If your modem was purchased elsewhere, please check its user manual or visit the manufacturer's website for support information on how to perform a factory reset. Important: A factory reset will remove all custom settings from a modem,…

Set up ULTRA Broadband Cable

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Manually testing your internet speed

This article will show you the best method for manually testing the speed of your internet connection, which is an alternative to our speed test tool.

Troubleshooting ULTRA Cable for Speed Issues

Visit our Network Status page to see any known issues in your area that may be affecting your service speed. Turn off your modem and leave it off for at least 10 seconds. Turn your modem back on and wait for the modem lights to settle.…

Updating your Username and Password in iiNet Modem Settings

The majority of iiNet connections do not require a manual update to the modem settings when your broadband username and/or password changes. These instructions are particularly useful for off-net ADSL. iiNet modems which have not been…