High speed nbn modem requirements

Your modem must meet certain technical requirements to deliver optimal performance on our nbn Superfast & Ultrafast plans. If you choose to bring your own modem (BYO modem) instead of getting a modem supplied by us, this information will help you ensure that your third-party modem is suitable for your nbn plan.

Most modems in use today are technically capable of supporting speeds of approximately:

  • Up to 300Mbps over WiFi
  • Up to 600Mbps over Ethernet

Of course, actual speeds achieved will vary due to a number of factors such as technology type, modem capability, plan choice and internet traffic demand.

Faster speeds may be achieved if you choose to purchase a newer, high-end modem. Mesh networking solutions, where several devices broadcast WiFi throughout a premises, are recommended for nbn Ultrafast services in particular.

In short, your modem must support or feature:

  • PPPoE connection types
  • Gigabit Ethernet ports
  • AC WiFi or WiFi 6 (for WiFi connections)

Note: Modems for nbn plans activated before March 2023 must also support VLAN tagging.

Modems that do not support PPPoE cannot connect to our nbn services. If you choose to use an older modem that does not feature Gigabit Ethernet ports or AC WiFi/WiFi 6, your connection may be slower according to the constraints of your older hardware. We recommend using devices connected via Ethernet cable instead of WiFi to get the best possible experience.

Compatible modems

The following modems have been tested by our team. There may be additional models on the market that have not yet been tested by us. If your modem is not listed here, please contact the manufacturer for more information.

Note that all modems listed below (including those marked with a cross) are capable of achieving the Typical Evening Speed of the nbn Superfast and nbn Ultrafast plans.


Icon Advice
Maximum speeds are supported via Ethernet & WiFi.
⚠️ Maximum speeds are supported via Ethernet. Maximum speeds are not supported via WiFi.
Maximum speeds are not supported.


Modem nbn Superfast nbn Ultrafast^
TG-789 Broadband Gateway ⚠️
TP-Link VR1600v ⚠️
Fritz!Box 7490 ⚠️
Smart Modem Gateway (TP-Link VX420-G2H)
TP-Link VX220-G2V Modem ⚠️
TP-Link VX420-G2V Modem
D-Link DIR-2150
D-Link DIR-X1560
D-Link DIR-X1860
TP-Link Deco M5
TP-Link Deco M9 ⚠️
D-Link DIR-X5460
TP-Link Deco X60
Google Nest WiFi
Amazon eero*

^While the nbn Ultrafast Plan has a maximum theoretical off-peak download speed of 500Mbps on nbn  HFC and 990Mbps on nbn FTTP, you will typically experience significantly slower speeds than this due to a range of factors, regardless of which modem you use. You should refer to the Typical Evening Speed as a more accurate estimate of likely experience. 

*Amazon eero Pro 6 and eero 6 devices running eeroOS 6.6.1+ and mobile app versions 6.13.0+.

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