Email & Hosting

Importing a Backup of your Mailbox in Gmail

This option downloads all email into the Gmail inbox and removes the email content from the existing server. Gmail monitors the email address you are importing from for 30 days to pull in any new email.  All emails imported will arrive in…

Email Service Closure

Our Grapevine, nCable and Octa4 email services have reached End of Life and will be closed from 6 June 2023. This closure affects all Grapevine email services (e.g. or, nCable services (…

Exporting and Importing a Backup of your Mailbox in Thunderbird

Thunderbird allows you to download your mailbox as .EML onto your local device. These can be opened individually in most desktop mail clients or can be re-imported to your new mailbox. For more help with Thunderbird, please visit Mozilla…

Exporting and Importing a Backup of your Mailbox in Outlook for Mac

Outlook for Mac allows you to export your mailbox as a .olm Data File which can then be re-imported to your new mailbox profile. For more help with Outlook and data files, please visit Microsoft Support. Select one of the links below to…

Exporting and Importing a Backup of your Mailbox in Mac Mail

Creating a backup of your mailbox is required when migrating your hosted email services.

550 #5.7.1 SPF unauthorized mail is prohibited

If you attempt to send an email to an iiNet email address and you receive a "550 #5.7.1 SPF unauthorized mail is prohibited" error, this means that your email account is failing a Sender Policy Framework (SPF) check. SPF is a set of rules…

Email Setup in Outlook 365

Open Outlook and click File in the top left-hand corner of the screen.

Mailbox size limit exceeded

To check your mailbox storage, log in to iiNet Webmail. Select Settings.

Email Setup in Samsung Android OS

Please note: The appearance of the default Email app may vary depending on your Samsung device and/or Android version.

Using the Webmail Calendar

Please note: As of 15 September 2023, the iiNet Webmail login page has been updated to support the upcoming migration to The Messaging Company (TMC) for customer who have opted-in. Learn more. On a mobile or tablet web browser, you can…