Cancel or close an iiNet account

  • To cancel or close an account, please call us on 1300 796 178.
  • If you're overseas, you'll need to use our 24/7 international contact number, +61 8 9214 2222, for all queries.

If you have no access to a phone service, you can also email (cancellations will take longer to process via email).


If you cancel your service or change providers before your broadband contract is complete, you may incur a contract break fee. These fees are set out in the Pricing Schedule within our Customer Relationship Agreement.


iiNet services are billed in advance. When you cancel a service, any unused amount you paid in advance will be credited back to your iiNet account, calculated from your cancellation date onwards.

We must then wait for our billing system to raise your next invoice. Any credit on your iiNet account will be used to balance charges on your final invoice. If there's not enough credit to balance all of the charges, the remaining amount due can be paid in the same way you usually pay your iiNet invoices.

If any credit remains on your account after your final invoice has been paid, it can be refunded to your nominated bank account or credit card. This should balance your iiNet account.


  • All email addresses attached to iiNet broadband or mobile services will be deleted unless you make arrangements to continue them as standalone mailboxes at a cost of $25/year.
  • You will no longer be able to send mail from or receive mail to the email addresses.
  • You will not be able to log in to Toolbox or iiNet Webmail.
  • You will not be able to download existing email from the mail server. If you have any important emails in your iiNet mailbox, you must save them to a folder on your computer. Your email program (e.g. Outlook) may not save existing emails locally on your computer, meaning you may not be able to read these emails in the future.


Only someone listed on the account as a Billing contact (account holder) may close an account.

Only the person listed as the Phone contact on the account may authorise the cancellation of a landline phone service because they are the Legal Lessee listed with our wholesale provider. 


If you need to take control of an account via Power of Attorney or a similar scenario where the account holder is unable to manage their account, please call us on 13 22 58. We should be able to search for your account in our billing system and we can then advise what's necessary to gain access to the account information (such as a Statutory Declaration).


Just because you're moving house doesn't mean you need to cancel. We should be able to relocate your broadband services, even if you're switching from one kind of internet service to another. See our Relocations FAQ.


If you're already overseas and need to contact us, please call our 24/7 international contact number, +61 8 9214 2222. If you're still in Australia, simply call our Billing Team on 13 22 58.