BizPhone Cordless handset call dropouts

  1. Check the signal strength indicator in the top-left corner of your handset screen. If you have a weak signal, try making calls closer to the base station, or move the base station to a more central location in your workplace.
  2. Restart the handset by disconnecting the power and Ethernet cables from the base station for 10 seconds, then reconnect.
  3. Ensure that your internet connection is not dropping out at the same time as your calls. Select your broadband service from the iiHelp menu to get troubleshooting guides for iiNet broadband connections.
  4. Similarly, check if call dropouts are only occurring when a high-demand function is carried out on your network, such as large file uploads, system updates or content streaming. If possible, schedule these functions to run automatically outside of business hours to avoid impact on your BizPhone service.
  5. Run the BizPhone connection test and check the MOS score on the summary page - a score of 4 or lower will most likely result in call issues. Additionally, make a note of the test result number from both the Speed and VoIP tests.
  6. Ensure that the SIP ALG setting is disabled in your modem settings by checking the VoIP test results from your BizPhone connection test.
    Note: iiNet modems have this setting disabled by default.
  7. Consider enabling QOS (Quality of Service) settings in your modem to allot of a portion of your connection bandwidth for VoIP services only. This can greatly reduce the risk of call dropouts.
  8. Whether the issue is constant or intermittent, please take note of affected calls in the following format:

    Number Called From:
    Number Called To:
    Time/ Date of Call:
    Issue Experienced:
  9. If dropouts consistently occur after a certain length of time, or only occur with calls from certain carriers, we may need to investigate a carrier level issue. Please call us on 13 86 89 if your notes indicate this is the case.
  10. If you suspect a handset has been damaged, please call us on 13 86 89.
  11. If you're still unable to make or receive calls, please email with your test result numbers, and reference this troubleshooting article.

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