Running a BizPhone Connection Test

BizPhone orders cannot proceed unless these tests are completed, so it's important to get them done at your earliest convenience.


  1. Make sure that no other programs or downloads are running while the test is being performed as this may affect the results.
  2. Select one of the links below to load the test:

    - Recommended - Java version (requires Java to be installed and updated on your computer)

    - HTML5 version (requires VisualWare Browser Compatibility Service (BCS) for Windows or Mac to be installed on your computer)
  3. Once the test loads, click Start Test. The test will automatically run to test your broadband speed...  
    Start test
    Latency test
    Port blocking...  
    Port blocking test

    And packet throughput capacity:

    Throughput capacity test
  4. Once the test has finished running, you'll see a Summary page like the example below.  
    Bizphone SQ Summary
  5. Select the Speed tab and write down the Test result number shown on this page.

    Test results example
  6. Select the VoIP tab and write down the Test result number shown on this page.

    VoIP test result number example
  7. You should now have two different reference numbers. Please reply to the email your received from our BizPhone Provisioning Team with these numbers so that we can check your test results.

  8. Once your BizPhone Connection test results have been checked, we'll contact you about the next steps for your BizPhone order.


The following issues must be addressed before your BizPhone order may proceed. If the BizPhone Connection Test identifies any of these issues, we'll contact you to discuss the matter and see if it can be rectified.

  • SIP ALG Enabled: SIP ALG is a protocol that attempts to make VoIP packets flow smoothly. Some modems have this setting on by default and it will need to be disabled, with the tests rerun.
  • Port Blocking: Port blocking will result in your BizPhone not operating, as it cannot communicate with the needed SIP servers. We will tell you which ports need to be open so you can make arrangements with your IT Support technician.
  • Insufficient Speed/Quality: Internet issues may be present on the line and you should contact your Internet Provider to troubleshoot or see if more suitable internet technologies are available in your area.

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