All about usernames

A username is the label used to identify your account and/or services with iiNet. Each service that we sell has its own username – this is typically chosen when you sign up for that service.

All internet service usernames are also functional email addresses. Here's some examples:

If you only have Mobile Voice with us, you'll be given one email address to use when logging in to Toolbox.

*iiNet customers may log in to Toolbox without including the “” part of their username, but customers of all other subsidiaries should enter their full usernames at all times.


You can find a username in the following places:

  • A primary username is listed underneath your Customer Number in the email containing your invoice (example below). 
    Username example 1
  • You'll also find your username(s) listed in the Service Details section of your invoice. 
    Username example 2
  • If your invoice is less colourful than the above, you may still be on our old invoice design which does not include your username (it was one of the improvements we made with the new design).

    If this is the case, instead please retrieve your invoice number and the total amount owing as shown below. You can then call us on 13 22 58 and provide these details along with your name, date of birth and address to pass an ID check. Our friendly Customer Service Rep can then help you get back on track with your username and password and then you can write these details down for future reference.

    Invoice details example
  • If you've recently acquired a new service, your username will be included in the emails and/or SMS sent to you when the service was activated.

Your username has many purposes, including the following:

  • Logging into Toolbox or the equivalent account management tool for another company in the iiNet Group.*
  • Identifying your account via email or over the phone with a Customer Service representative. Please note that if you have a landline or mobile phone service with us, you can also use your phone number (include area code for landlines) to identify your account.
  • Logging into Webmail or setting up an email account.
  • Setting up your internet connection. Some internet services may require you to enter your username and password into the modem settings.

*iiNet customers may log in to Toolbox or set up a modem without including the “” part of their username, but customers of all other iiNet Group companies should enter their full usernames at all times. If you've never logged into Toolbox before, please see An Introduction to Toolbox.


Changing an existing username is an action that can only be performed by one of our friendly Support Team, so please call us on 13 22 58 for a hand.

If you'd just like another iiNet email address to use, you can create an additional mailbox in Toolbox.


If you are no longer able to access your account due to a forgotten username or password, or you need to take control of an account via Power of Attorney or a similar scenario where the account holder is unable to manage their account, please call us on 13 22 58. We should be able to search for your account in our billing system and we can then advise what's necessary to gain access to the account information (such as a Statutory Declaration).