Safety & Security

Scam emails and phishing

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Reporting Phishing Emails

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Unwanted Phone Calls

This article will explain what to do if you’re getting unwanted phone calls to your home phone number.   Are the callers telemarketers? If the calls are unsolicited telemarketers from businesses you haven’t dealt with before, then you…

Password Policy

Your iiNet password is used to log in to your Toolbox or Webmail, and verify your identity. Each iiNet internet service and email address has its own password.  

iiNet on Twitter

iiNet maintains a presence on many social media channels, including Twitter. (@iiNet). On occasion we may ask you to email us some specific details about your account in order to assist you with a query - these requests will come from the…

Voice ID check FAQ

iiNet launched a voice authentication system (Voice ID check) in June 2014 to offer a faster, more secure alternative to the traditional 9-point ID check.  

Assistance for those facing domestic or family violence

If you’re experiencing domestic or family violence, we’re here to help. We understand that having access to communications can be vital for those who are experiencing or have been impacted by domestic or family violence. You can talk to…