Additional iiNet Email Addresses

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You may have up to 9 additional iiNet mailboxes at no extra cost (NBN™ services may allow up to 19 additional mailboxes). Beyond that, additional mailboxes may be purchased for an annual fee of $25 - just call our friendly Sales Team on 13 19 17.

  1. Log in to Toolbox and select Manage Email, then Add Mailbox
    Toolbox add mailbox 1
  2. Fill out the required fields for your Full name, Email address, Password and Confirm Password, then select Create Mailbox
    Toolbox add mailbox 2
  3. You’ll return to a list of your current mailboxes. Please note that it may take up to 2 hours before your email address can start sending and receiving email - your mailbox will not display in Toolbox until then.
  4. We recommend that you send a test email to your new email address using a different email account, or ask a friend to email you. Once you receive this test email, you know your mailbox is up and running.


Be sure to back up any important emails before deleting a mailbox as they cannot be recovered.

  1. You can’t delete the mailbox that is associated with your broadband service. However, you may delete additional mailboxes.
  2. Log in to Toolbox and select Manage Email, then Remove for the mailbox you wish to delete. 
    Toolbox remove mailbox 1
  3. Select Delete Mailbox to confirm your decision. 
    Toolbox remove mailbox 2
  4. The mailbox will stop working almost immediately, however it may take a few hours to disappear from Toolbox.