iiNet Mobile FAQs

Can I sign up to iiNet Mobile without having any other iiNet services?

Yes, you can! Our mobile plans are available to everyone.

  • An iiNet Mobile SIM card
  • A mobile handset that will work on an Australian mobile network and isn’t locked to a non-Vodafone provide (if you’re not sure if your handset is locked, please check with the provider you purchased it from).

To use mobile data, your handset must support the following frequencies:

  • 900MHz and 2100MHz (for 3G)
  • 850MHz, 1800MHz and 2100MHz (for 4G)

Check your location on our coverage map. It’s updated directly from our network wholesaler, Vodafone.

If 4G coverage is unavailable, your handset will default to the 3G network.

Yes, you can port your mobile number to iiNet. To make sure things go smoothly, be sure to supply the correct details about your existing mobile service:

  • For post-paid mobile services, you must supply the correct account number for your current mobile service. This can typically be found on an invoice from your current mobile provider.
  • For prepaid mobile services, you must supply the correct date of birth of the account holder for your current mobile service.

Do not cancel your current mobile service as it must stay active to receive a porting authorisation SMS.

How is iiNet Mobile billed?

iiNet Mobile is a month-to-month subscription with an optional prepaid balance for calls/texts or data that isn't part of your plan's included value. While you aren't locked into a contract, your plan fee is billed each month for your convenience. Learn more.

The prepaid balance helps protect you from bill shock. You can only purchase additional data blocks etc. if you choose to top up your prepaid balance, so you're in complete control of your spend. That means no nasty suprises for excess usage on your bill.

What is and isn’t covered by your monthly call, messaging and data inclusions can be found in our Call Rates. For legacy plans, refer to the relevant Critical Information Summary available here.

You can monitor your usage by logging in to Toolbox using your iiNet username and password. You'll also receive usage notifications when you use 50%, 85% or 100% of your monthly data limit, or other monthly inclusions.

Data usage is recorded in increments of 1 kilobyte. Both uploads and downloads are counted towards your monthly data quota.

Once the included data allowance in your plan is used up, mobile data will be temporarily unavailable until the start of your next billing period.

You can choose to top up your prepaid balance in Toolbox to purchase an additional 2GB data block for $10.

Please note that any unused portion of a data block does not roll over to the next billing period.

You can change your iiNet Mobile plan at any time in your Toolbox for no additional fee.

Your plan change will occur at the start of your next billing period. This date is confirmed on-screen when you submit your request.

In the event that you submit a plan change request when your next billing period beging in 7 days or less, your plan will not change until the start of the following biling period. For example, if your next billing period begins on 1 January and you submit a plan change request on 29 December, your new plan will not commence until 1 February.

How do I manage my mobile service?

You can check your usage, change your plan, top up your prepaid balance, adjust your mobile settings, request your PUK code and more in Toolbox. Here's a quick overview of what you can do in our self-service customer portal:

See International Roaming for full details.

Is it possible to use premium services on iiNet Mobile?

No. Premium call/SMS services (e.g. 19/1900 numbers) are disabled on iiNet Mobile.

Tethering allows smartphones to act as a WiFi hotspot for a computer or WiFi device to access the internet using your mobile data. By default, all iiNet Mobile plans have this feature enabled, however it may not work on some mobile devices.

iiNet does not recommend the use of tethering. If you choose to tether, be aware that the data used when tethering DOES count as part of your monthly mobile data allowance.