BizPhone voice mail passcode

If you've never used BizPhone voice mail before, please refer to BizPhone voice mail setup.

The voice mail passcodes for each of your BizPhone users (handsets) can be found in the Service Completion Advice email sent shortly after your BizPhones are activated.


How to change your voice mail passcode

  1. Log in to Frontier Portal. If you have never logged in before, please watch this video.
  2. Select the BizPhone user.
    BizPhone Frontier Portal - User selection
  3. Select User details.
    BizPhone Frontier Portal - User details
  4. Under "Change voicemail passcode", enter a New Voicemail Passcode that meets the following criteria:
    - Between 6 and 8 digits;
    - Cannot be the user's own extension or phone number, forwards or reversed (e.g. 123456 or 654321);
    - Cannot contain 3 or more repeated digits (e.g. 333456);
    - Cannot be any of the last 3 passcode(s), forwards or reversed.
  5. Enter the same voicemail passcode into the Retype New voicemail passcode box.
    BizPhone Frontier Portal - Voice mail passcode
  6. Select Update to finish. A confirmation message will be shown at the top of the screen, such as the example below.
    Your request for userDetails update was submitted successfully
    Note: If you encounter an error message that you cannot resolve, please email for assistance.

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