Email & Hosting

Email setup on iPhone and iPad

To set up your iiNet email address on iPhone and iPad (iOS11 or later), simply follow the steps below, or watch the video.

Creating a Hosted Exchange distribution list

Distribution lists enable you to send a message to a list email addresses just by entering a single address in the "To" field.

Adding additional domains to Hosted Exchange

There are no limits on the number of registered domain names you can add.  

Hosted Exchange Setup Guides

For help with Hosted Exchange services that have already been set up, see Hosted Exchange Support Resources.

Setting up Hosted Exchange ActiveSync for iOS

Tap Settings > Passwords and Accounts > Add Account…

Troubleshooting Cannot receive email

If you use multiple computers/devices to access your email but one of them is set to POP protocol instead of IMAP, that may be preventing your other devices from getting a copy of your emails. Refer to our email setup guides or email…

Creating your first Virtual Machine

Virtual machines (VMs) have a guest operating system on which you can install and run any software supported by that operating system. With iiNet Business Cloud, you can install VMware Tools, insert DVDs and floppy disks, and remotely…

Adding a Picture to a Contact in Webmail

This function is not supported in mobile or tablet web browsers.  

Email Setup in Gmail on Android OS

*/ /*-->*/ /*-->*/ For more information, see the steps below.

Creating a Hosted Exchange mailbox

For instructions on importing multiple mailboxes at once, please see these instructions.