Email & Hosting

Email Setup in Thunderbird

If you have another email account, send a test email to your email address. Alternatively, ask a friend or family member to send you an email. Open Thunderbird and click the button with three horizontal lines in the top right-hand corner…

Creating a Hosted Exchange resource mailbox

Resource mailboxes are mailboxes that represent conference rooms or shared equipment. Resource mailboxes can be included as resources in meeting requests, providing a simple and efficient way to utilize resources for an organization.…

Cannot send email on phone or tablet

Jump to a section: iiNet outgoing mail server settings for mobile devices iPhone, iPad and other iOS devices Android devices iiNet outgoing mail server settings for mobile devices Already know your way around your device settings?…

Creating and Uploading iiNet Home Pages - Members Webspace

Legacy broadband accounts within the iiNet Group come with 1GB of free web space which you can use to make a website. Learn more. If you have an iiNet Hosting service, please see the Hosting Control Panel FAQ instead.

Sharing Calendars with Hosted Exchange and Outlook

Sharing your calendar in Outlook Both users must have Hosted Exchange-2 mailboxes and their accounts must be configured as Exchange accounts within Outlook. Follow these steps to share your calendar with other users inside your domain.

Set up iiNet email forwarding

 If you've never logged into Toolbox before, please see An Introduction to Toolbox.  

Uploading Data to your Virtual Data Centre

iiNet Data Upload allows you to send us your data on an external storage device, and we will take care of the transfer for you. This means no long waits for huge data transfers, and no strain on your connection running full bore for weeks…

Using the Webmail Calendar

On a mobile or tablet web browser, you can keep track of events on your calendar, but you won't see the traditional "calendar" layout as seen on a Desktop PC or Mac.  

Troubleshooting Cannot receive email

If you use multiple computers/devices to access your email but one of them is set to POP protocol instead of IMAP, that may be preventing your other devices from getting a copy of your emails. Refer to our email setup guides or email…

Creating aliases for a Hosted Exchange mailbox

With Hosted Exchange, you can create “alias” email addresses on your domain which receive incoming mail and direct it to one individual. For example, John Citizen may have an email address of but he also…