Email & Hosting

Creating delegates for your Hosted Exchange mailbox

When a delegate sends a message on behalf of another user it will appear to the recipient as being Sent on behalf of them. When a delegate sends a message as another user it will appear as if it came from the user themselves.  

Uploading Data to your Virtual Data Centre

iiNet Data Upload allows you to send us your data on an external storage device, and we will take care of the transfer for you. This means no long waits for huge data transfers, and no strain on your connection running full bore for weeks…

Webmail Settings

Accessing the settings page Desktop PC and Mac Click the Settings tab in the top Webmail toolbar. Adjust the settings as desired. Click the Save Settings button in the upper right-hand corner to finish. Mobile or tablet web browser…

Creating Hosted Exchange contacts

Adding contacts one at a time Log in to the Hosting Control Panel. If you have multiple hosting subscriptions you will need to select your Hosted Exchange subscription from the drop-down menu at the top left of screen. Select Exchange…

Adding hardware to your BusinessCloud Virtual Machine

Please note: your Business Cloud hardware configuration is your responsibility and will not be supported by our Hosting Support Team.  

Receiving Spam Emails

If you suspect the email's sender is trying to trick you to into sending them your password, bank details or other personal information, please see Phishing Emails instead. Select one of the links below to jump to a query:

Managing Hosted Exchange mailbox limits

With iiNet Hosted Exchange you can control several limits associated with your mailboxes, including the storage size, maximum size of incoming messages and the maximum number of recipients a user can send to.

Resetting the password for your Virtual Machine

As an administrator of your iiNet Business Cloud organisation you can reset/change the operating system password on a virtual machine. You can change passwords from within the operating system (i.e. typing 'passwd' from the terminal on a…

Webmail - Outlook WebSync

Synchronising your

DNS records for Hosted Exchange

If you want iiNet to host your DNS, please delegate your domain name to the name servers below. We will automatically configure the appropriate DNS records for your Hosted Exchange service.…