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WebHosting Plesk FAQ

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Transferring Domain and Hosting Services

There are some important steps to follow when transferring your Domain & Hosting products to iiNet. To ensure the transfer process goes smoothly, prepare backups and have the following information ready. If you have any questions…

Implementing PHP Changes in the Hosting Control Panel

Log in to the Hosting Control Panel.

Creating a Hosted Exchange mailbox

For instructions on importing multiple mailboxes at once, please see these instructions.

Sharing Folders with Hosted Exchange

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VPS Add-ons

This product is longer available - if you're looking for a virtual data solution for your business, please call us on 1300 378 638 to enquire about iiNet Business Cloud Service. Log in to the Hosting Control Panel and select your VPS…

Setting up a Hosted Exchange mailbox in Mail for Mac OSX

Please note: You must have an Exchange 2 mailbox in order to configure an Exchange account in Mail for Mac OSX.  

Creating a Hosted Exchange resource mailbox

Resource mailboxes are mailboxes that represent conference rooms or shared equipment. Resource mailboxes can be included as resources in meeting requests, providing a simple and efficient way to utilize resources for an organization.…

Sharing Calendars with Hosted Exchange and Outlook

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Creating your first Virtual Machine

Virtual machines (VMs) have a guest operating system on which you can install and run any software supported by that operating system. With iiNet Business Cloud, you can install VMware Tools, insert DVDs and floppy disks, and remotely…