VPS Hosting Support Resources

This product is no longer sold - if you're looking for a virtual data solution for your business, please call us on 1300 378 638 to enquire about iiNet Business Cloud Service.


What is a VPS?

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. VPS Hosting will provide customers with their own virtual dedicated server, running on iiNet's infrastructure.

VPSs are commonly used to run Web, Mail, DNS and even game servers. They can be used to run a mission critical services, or simply as a low cost testing/development environment to support a large scale system.

What support do you provide for my VPS?

iiNet looks after the physical hardware and provides a control panel to assist customers with administering their VPS, however ultimately you are responsible for your VPS. iiNet can not provide support for software problems within your VPS. Because of this, VPS Hosting is recommended for customers with some understanding of System Administration. 

VPS Guides