Update Outlook settings for POP and IMAP email access

From 6:00am AEDT Tuesday 22 November, use the instructions below to change your inbound POP and IMAP Account settings to mail.exchange.iinet.net.au (it will currently be exchange.iinet.net.au). The update to the inbound server setting is the only change you are required to make.

Change only the existing profile of your email client. Creation of a new profile may result in duplication of your email on your device.

Please note: Although IMAP examples are shown, these steps apply to both POP and IMAP accounts.


This article will show you how to update the settings in your Outlook email client to resolve a POP and IMAP email access issue on the Hosted Exchange services.

  1. Open the Control Panel app by selecting Start > Control panel. You can also use the Search tool to find the Control Panel app.
  2. Select Mail or User Accounts > Mail.
    Windows Control Panel - Mail
    Windows Control Panel - User Accounts
  3. In the pop-up window, click Email Accounts.
    Windows Email Accounts
  4. Select the mailbox you'd like to change from the list of email addresses, then click Change.
    Windows Change email address
  5. If you are presented with a screen similar to the example below, you are using Exchange to connect. In this case, please contact our Domains and Hosting support team on 1300 378 638 for further assistance.
    Exchange Cache
  6. In the Incoming mail server field, replace "exchange.iinet.net.au" with the new incoming server: mail.exchange.iinet.net.au, then click Next.
    Do not change any other settings.
    Hosted Exchange Incoming mail server setting
  7. Outlook will perform a test and you should see a success message like the example below.
    Outlook test
  8. If you receive an error response, please re-try the update steps a few times over the next 30 minutes.
    Note: If you’ve made changes to the password field in Outlook since 18 November 2022, we’d recommend that you confirm that you have the correct password by testing the login at https://exchange.iinet.net.au.
  9. Once you receive a success message, click Finish to save the new settings. You can now open Outlook and receive mail.
    Outlook test example - incorrect password
    a)    Example may indicate the server is busy or the incorrect password has been provided. If you have not changed the password setting in Outlook in recent days, please continue to re-try the test connection.
    Outlook test example - high load
    b)    Example indicating the server is currently under high load. Please continue to re-try the connection.
    Outlook test example - success
    c)    Example of a success message. Click Finish to save the new settings.

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