Shopping Cart shipping by weight and region

The current "Shipping by Weight and Region – Automated" delivery method automatically selects the best region for the customer based on their post code. This improves basket flow and prevents the need for have multiple shipping methods in the shopping basket.

  • Regions are automatically selected so the customer does not need to choose from a range of shipping methods when at the basket.
  • Every instance of the shipping method has a maximum basket weight which can be presented as kilograms, grams, tons, pounds or milligrams. The default setting will be grams and if the customer goes over this limit, they're asked to choose a different shipping method (if available).
  • You can set a cost per kg, gram, ton, pound or milligram which is on top of the base value.
  • You can also set a surcharge which is set as a percentage.
  • You can import shipping matrix from different shipping companies such as eParcel from Toll so you only need one shipping method for that company instead of many.
  • Please be aware that this shipping method will not work with PayPal Express. PayPal Express skips the important stage in the shopping basket where customers enter their delivery post code which means the calculator cannot report correctly.
  • You can’t use spaces in region names either via the WUI or CSV import/export. For example you can use Sydney-Metro but not Sydney Metro.
  1. In the Shopping Cart Web Panel, go to Settings > Delivery and payment. Choose a name that represents your shipping method (e.g. Toll), select Basket Weight and Region Automatic from the drop-down menu and click Save.  
    Set up shipping method 1
  2. Click on your new shipping method, go to Settings and create at least one new region (e.g. Sydney-Metro).  
    Set up shipping method 2
  3. Create at least two level calculations and at least one region setting for the shipping method.  
    Set up shipping method 3
  4. To easily create additional regions, go to the Import / Export Settings tab and export the Region and Level Settings. Open both files in Excel or similar program and add your desired regions and corresponding levels. Note that all shipping level values are ex-GST.
  5. Re-import the Region Settings first, followed by the Level Settings.
  6. Go to the General tab to make the new shipping method Visible. Do some internal testing until you are happy that it is working as expected.

Note: If you want your customers to choose from a list of options rather than the shipping method automatically determining their region you will need to create a separate shipping method for each region.

Below is an example of how this shipping method could look in your storefront.

Screen 1

Storefront example 1

Screen 2

Storefront example 2

Screen 3

Storefront example 3

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