Resetting the password for your Virtual Machine

As an administrator of your iiNet Business Cloud organisation you can reset/change the operating system password on a virtual machine.

You can change passwords from within the operating system (i.e. typing 'passwd' from the terminal on a Linux machine), or from vCloud Director itself. In order to change the password in vCloud Director, the virtual machine needs to be powered off first.


  1. Login to VMware vCloud Director at your iiNet Business Cloud URL (emailed to you after signup).
  2. Click My Cloud.
  3. In the left pane, click VMs. Alternatively, click on vApps and switch to the Virtual Machines tab.
    Virtual Machine password reset 1
  4. Select a virtual machine, right-click and Power off. The status will indicate that the machine is shutting down. When the virtual machine is off, right click it again and select Properties.
    Virtual Machine password reset 2
  5. On the Guest OS Customisation tab, select the Enable guest customisation check box.
    Virtual Machine password reset 3
  6. Ensure the Allow local administrator password box is ticked.
  7. Select Auto generate password, or select Specify password to enter your own custom password into the text box.
  8. To require all administrators to change their password once they log in for the first time, make sure the Require administrator to change password on first login box is ticked. Administrators need to know the original password in order to set their own password.
  9. Click OK to finish. You may need to log in with the old password and restart your virtual machine in order for the new password to take effect.

If the new password still does not work

You may need to force the re-customisation of the virtual machine by following these instructions:

  1. Click My Cloud.
  2. In vApps, select a vApp, right-click, and select Open. Ensure the virtual machine is powered off.
  3. On the Virtual Machines tab, select a virtual machine, right-click, and select Power On and Force Re-customisation.
    Virtual Machine force re-customisation