Mobile Broadband Hardware Support Resources

As of 13 October 2015, the iiNet Group no longer sells mobile broadband hardware, though existing customers may contact us about a replacement SIM card if necessary.

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MobiiConnect 4G (ZTE MF75)
MobiiHotspot 4G (Huawei E5786) N/A
Samsung Galaxy Tab S  N/A Manual
Previous MobiiHotspot 4G (Huawei E5776 Exclusive Edition) N/A
MobiiBroadband 4G (Huawei E3276)
MobiiBroadband 3G (Huawei E3131)
MobiiBroadband 3G Hotspot (Huawei E586E)
Huawei E160 N/A
Huawei E1762 N/A
MobiiBroadband 3G Hotspot (Huawei E583c) N/A
MobiiBroadband 3G (Huawei E173s-2)
MobiiBroadband 4G Hotspot (Huawei E589)

Note: All 3G devices listed are compatible with the MBB antenna previously sold by iiNet (excluding E173s-2 modem). The antenna is NOT compatible with 4G devices.

Important: Firmware updates for the device need to be installed prior to the dashboard software. 

MobiiBroadband 4G Dashboard Software Download
MobiiBroadband 4G (E3276) Firmware Update Download
MobiiBroadband 3G Dashboard Software Download
MobiiBroadband 3G (E3131) Firmware Update Download