Manually testing your internet speed

Manual testing can be useful for checking the speed of high capacity services such as NBN™ broadband or Cable broadband that require multiple downloads.

Note: Microsoft Edge and Mac Safari browsers are not currently suitable because they do not display the data transfer rate during downloads. Please test using a different browser, or try our speed test tool.


  1. You should run a speed test using a computer that is connected to your internet service with an Ethernet cable. WiFi connections are typically slower than cable connections because the WiFi signal can get some interference.
  2. Disconnect any additional computers, gaming consoles, smartphones or tablets from your home network to rule out any data congestion.
  3. Go to Select one of the files according to your service type:

    Fibre or any type of NBN™ broadband: Choose "test500MB.dat"
    ADSL 2+: Choose "test100MB.dat"
    ADSL1: Choose "test50MB.dat"
    Dialup: Choose "1MB.dat"

  4. A popup box should open and ask if you'd like to Open or Save the file. In some browsers, this may be a popup bar at the bottom of the window. Select Save.
  5. You should see your file downloading in a progress window. In some browsers, you may need to expand the Downloads window.

    In Firefox, click the down arrow icon in the top right corner then select Show All Downloads.

    Firefox download example 1

    In Internet Explorer, click View downloads in the download bar at the bottom of the window.

    Internet Explorer download example 1

    In Google Chrome, while the file is downloading, click Show all downloads in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.

    Chrome download example 1
  6. When approximately half the file has downloaded, and take note of the data transfer rate, such as the examples below.


    Firefox download example 2

    Internet Explorer

    Internet Explorer download example 2

    Google Chrome

    Chrome download example 2
  7. For an approximate synchronization rate (line speed), take this data transfer rate and multiply it by 10.

    For some high speed connection types, (e.g. NBN100 plans) multiple downloads must be run simultaneously to access the full bandwidth of your connection.

    If you have trouble completing your speed test or understanding the results, please call us on 13 22 58 and we'll be happy to give you a hand.