How to migrate your hosted email services

Once you’ve chosen an alternative provider, you can migrate your hosted email services to them in four key steps.

Step 1 - Create mailboxes with your new provider

Create a new version of your current email addresses with your new email host in preparation for migrating your existing email data. Until this time, emails will continue to be delivered to the existing version of your mailbox hosted by iiNet/Westnet.

Step 2 – Export a backup of your existing data

You can export a copy of your mailbox by following our helpful guides below:

Please note: If you have a large amount of data or multiple mailboxes, you may wish to investigate a bulk migration tool such as BitTitan’s MigrationWiz or those available through Microsoft Office 365.

Step 3 – Change your DNS records to point to your new email provider

Your new email host will provide a set of DNS records that will allow you to direct all new emails to the mailboxes on their server.

  • The update usually completes in an hour but can take up to 24 hours to take effect internationally.
  • Your emails will continue to be delivered to the existing version of your mailbox hosted by iiNet/Westnet until the change completes, during which time you can access it via online webmail.
  • After that, all new mail will arrive on the new providers server. Use the setup instructions from your new email host to add the new mailboxes to your devices.

If your DNS hosting is with iiNet or Westnet, we’ve created guides to take you through the process:

Not sure who provides your DNS hosting? See Determining Your DNS Provider. If your name servers are with another provider, they should have a support guide on their website that shows you how to add the new records.

Step 4 – Import your backup to your new mailbox and cancel your iiNet/Westnet hosted email services

These guides will help you import your backup:

Once you’re done, log into your webmail one last time and compare the contents of your webmail with your imported data. If everything looks good, it’s safe to contact us to close off your Hosted Exchange or Zimbra Hosted Mail services.

Important: Any remaining mailboxes will be permanently deleted on 30 April 2023 and this is not reversible. After this date, any email data currently hosted by iiNet or Westnet will not be accessible or retrievable.

How to cancel Hosted Exchange services

  1. Log into the Hosting Control Panel.
  2. Select your Hosted Exchange subscription from the Subscription drop-down menu at the top right of the screen.
  3. Select the Exchange tab to display your Hosted Exchange emails.
  4. Select the check boxes to the left of all the Hosted Exchange mailboxes you wish to delete.
    Important: This action is permanent and irreversible, so please back up your data and check carefully before proceeding.  
  5. Click Delete to finish.
  6. As Hosted Exchange bills in arrears, you will receive a final pro-rata adjusted invoice with the Hosted Exchange charges covering the period from your previous invoice up to the date the mailboxes were deleted. 

How to cancel Zimbra Hosted Email services

Please call our Domains and Hosting team on 1300 378 638 or email and we’ll be happy to help.

Zimbra Hosted Email bills in advance, so we will be providing a pro-rata refund calculated from the date of cancellation of all mailboxes.

Note: Cancellation requests via email can only be accepted if they are sent from an authorised billing contact email address.

More information

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